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Dental Business Success

Dental Business Success means different things to different people. To us it means being successful in business of running a dental practice, from start to finish. A successful dental practice consists of several parts. The "start" of any business is the owner of that business. What ever is affecting the business owner, WILL reflect in how he / she is going to establish and run that particular practice. Obvious right ?! Well may be not so obvious unless you ask your self these questions: Who decided to buy or open this practice? Who hired the staff of this practice? Who trained (or did not train) the staff? How effective is the owner's communication's skills? How does the owner rank on the "Executive competency scale" ? .... And many more questions that should be asked of the potential owner before he / she decides to become a business owner. Dental Business Success is the end result of successfully addressing the above questions, even if you forgot to ask yourself those questions before becoming a practice owner. Power Circle Management helps you achieve Dental Business Success.  

The opposite side of that coin is where the owner and his / her staff are struggling financially and the stress level is high in that practice, which by the way, it shows in how the patients are being dealt with and whether or not your marketing efforts will work ! Join Power Circle Management to gain the knowledge that you need as an owner to achieve Dental Business Success !  

We offer complete and very affordable solutions in areas such as hiring the right staff, marketing, selling treatment plans and products, effective financing for your patients, collections and much, much more. 

Consulting and Training

We understand the day-to-day challenges surrounding the successful running of a practice such as yours! Because we have worked with thousands of clients, we are uniquely qualified to provide you with production monitoring systems, effective bonus systems and improved hiring process as well as executive and management training that puts YOU in control

Weekly or Bi-weekly phone consultation with you and your staff After setting up your office with basic management tools, we will conduct regularly scheduled phone consultations to review various statistics, answer questions and keep you moving toward your goals.
Statistics report form and graphs We provide you with a report form so your staff can report various weekly and monthly statistics. We turn these figures into graphs, which are then used to guide the practice toward its goals.
Marketing and Sale Most practices suffer from lack of adequate or correct marketing venues and or convey the wrong message to their target public.  
Since marketing "lines" are the "mouth piece" for the business they end up not realizing their full potential. As a result, the cost of promotion becomes too high to be justified. From that point forward the owner decides that, "Marketing is a waste of money!",  and that, of course, is SUICIDE !!
Complete Management Library We can address any management related issue that you encounter. Just e-mail, fax or call us with your questions
Reduce the cost of doing business and earn an additional $250 as our gift to you! Let us conduct a FREE analysis in order to reduce your monthly credit card fee. You can benefit from free equipment, great customer service and fast payment deposit into your account.
 Dental Business Success begins here! Contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation.

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